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I am usually able to save money

I enjoy leading a group

I always prefer working in a group to working on my own

When I hear a song, I start singing along

I would prefer to start my own company rather than take up a job.

I like to plan my day and follow a proper routine.

I keep looking for opportunities to earn money.

I prefer to talk it out with people to resolve a conflict/problem than keeping it to myself.

I like cooking new recipes.

During group discussions, people often say that I try to naturally control the discussion.

I am usually able to persuade others.


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I have the most 'why' questions when the teacher is teaching in the class.

When I watch movie songs, I closely observe the dance steps.

If I am waiting at the car mechanic’s workshop, I would be interested in looking at what the mechanic is doing.

I perform best under pressure. For example, when I have to meet a short deadline.

I generally keep my room neat and organized.

I've always been methodical in maintaining class notes and doing my assignments.

I always do things differently from the way others do it.

I like helping/taking care of people other than my family.

I like observing the behavior of others around me.

I like taking care of animals/pets.

I often listen to my heart when taking decisions.

I can easily add a long list of 4 or 5 digit numbers without making a mistake.


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I feel comfortable even around people I meet for the first time.

I usually want to know how something works, for e.g. how a television works.

I like solving puzzles and mental games like Sudoku.

When I see a film, I dream of being an actor.

I like solving questions that require me to prove a math theorem or a statement.

I usually speak my mind while talking to a group of people.

I like challenging tasks.

I would prefer a work environment where I have lots of people around me, over one where there are only a few people.

I enjoy writing poems and stories.

I am very comforting to people.

When I'm given a tough task to do, I start working immediately and face the challenges as they come along.

I appreciate if people tell me what is expected of me.


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I always try to get the best deal when I am buying something.

Not having much to do makes me anxious or bored.

I usually try to solve personal issues by thinking through on my own and reaching a conclusion.

I believe that the principles of truth and non-violence can be practiced in the real world.

I prefer being frank and outspoken than being polite and considerate.

I like creating decorative things out of waste products.

When I work, I would prefer a job with a regular timetable to one with flexible timings.

In order to solve a complex problem, I would keep trying on my own for a long time before I take help from others.

When I buy a phone or clothes, I look for usefulness and durability rather than style or looks.

When I have a long list of things to do, I work harder and do not get tensed.

When I receive my examination paper, I usually go through the paper to decide which questions to attempt first.

If possible, I'd rather work on a project on my own than in a group.

I prefer playing sports with friends rather than talking to them over the phone.

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